SOJALL Pro Natura

For human, animal, plant and environment...

For more than 32 years, sojall, which has been operating in approximately 24 countries, has produced the product portfolio for human, animal, plants and the environment as Sojall Organik A.Ş. to the Turkish market since 2007.

  • Spread of organic agriculture
  • Increased yield in agriculture
  • An agriculture that respects nature and the environment

Our products have proved their quality and effect in their fields with laboratory tests and more than 32 years of experience.What distinguishes our products from their competitors is that while operating so effectively, the natural ecosystem and the ecosystem in the natural ecosystem do not harm itself.

  • Products

Sojall Vitanal

Sojall BioPOWER

Sojall OBELL X

Sojall SC50

Sojall Cal

Sojall NanoPlant CU


Sojall Harmoni

Sojall Force-K